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Our Team Has 30 Years of Experience

Haskins Demolition is a licensed and certified demolition company operating out of Ocala, FL. With over 30 years of our demolition experience, our family-owned and operated business has helped countless customers achieve great results. From completely dismantling and hauling away whole office parks to removing interior walls for renovations, we can do it all. In other words, we have the tools, talent, and know-how needed to do any job right.

At Haskins, we value safety above all else. In other words, whether demolishing whole buildings or ensuring thorough, proper clean-up of material hazards, our technicians always work with precision and care. You have our word that the Haskins crew won’t call it quits until we’ve properly disposed of any and all hazards.

You can trust the Haskins to deliver top-notch, comprehensive services, including:

  • Interior demolition – completely gutting homes and businesses for rebuild
  • Exterior demolition – removing sheds, retaining walls, garages, barns, and more
  • Concrete removal – ensuring proper disposal of old foundations, lots, sidewalks & driveways

The Haskins crew complies with all local and state safety regulations and is fully licensed to handle and dispose of hazardous construction materials. That means no unexpected fees or fines from local or state governments. You can trust our team to deliver safe, controlled demolition serves by combining state-of-the-art equipment with proven techniques and methods. In short, Haskins will work within strict perimeters to carefully handle tricky jobs.